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"Approximately 900 Mayan ruins are scattered throughout Belize."
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WI Honduras Articles

Is Honduras a Good Place for Gay Expats?Jan 14, 2014 | Is Honduras a Good Place for Gay Expats? Trujillo, located in Honduras’ beautiful and serene Trujillo Bay, is a calm and gentle town known for it’s rich history, spectacular beaches… and inexpensive real estate!

Move to Honduras to Cure HoardingDec 17, 2013 | Move to Honduras to Cure Hoarding In fact, Honduras can cure many things… financial burden, frostbite, road rage and daily stress; to name a few. Ready to write yourself a prescription?

Honduras is NOT Safe!Dec 03, 2013 | Honduras is NOT Safe! Do you enjoy illegal drugs, getting impaired with folks (local or otherwise) you just met and then walking back to your home or hotel in the middle of the night, down streets you aren’t familiar with?

Relocating to Honduras? LetNov 05, 2013 | Relocating to Honduras? Let's Talk Taxes... Buying a piece of paradise, building your dream home, swimming in the crystal-clear Caribbean and becoming part of a new community…

A Taste of HondurasOct 22, 2013 | A Taste of Honduras Honduras has a lot going for it… it shares it’s shoreline with the crystalline Caribbean Sea, it’s got deep-rooted history and culture and the real estate is incredibly affordable.

Living Abroad... is Honduras on Your Radar?Sep 27, 2013 | Living Abroad... is Honduras on Your Radar? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… making the choice to purchase a home abroad is the easy part; actually deciding where is the hard part!

Mainland Honduras - A Hidden Paradise!Sep 13, 2013 | Mainland Honduras - A Hidden Paradise! Ok, ok… you got us. Honduras isn’t exactly ‘hidden’. It’s right there, tucked in between El Salvador and Nicaragua, sharing a total of 440 miles of white sandy beach on one of the most coveted bodies of water in the world – the Caribbean Sea.

Affordable Caribbean Living? Yes Please!Aug 23, 2013 | Affordable Caribbean Living? Yes Please! Aaahhh… the Caribbean Sea; typically synonymous with warm, clear turquoise water, powder-white sand and relaxing vacation time. Not usually with affordable property…

Live to Work? Nope... Love to Work; in Trujillo HondurasAug 06, 2013 | Live to Work? Nope... Love to Work; in Trujillo Honduras Ooohhmm… it’s 6:00am on a Tuesday morning and I’m sitting on my yoga mat in my makeshift ‘studio’ – a.k.a., an empty corner of the living room. My husband, James, is getting ready to leave the house for his hour and a half-long commute to work.

Why We Hate Honduras!Jun 07, 2013 | Why We Hate Honduras! Honduras has the warm, turquoise Caribbean and powder-white sand… Honduras has mountains blanketed with lush rainforest that trail all the way down to the beach… Honduras has incredibly friendly locals that will go out of their way to help you…

Moving to Honduras - Easier Then You May ThinkMay 22, 2013 | Moving to Honduras - Easier Then You May Think If a move to Honduras is on your radar, chances are it’s because you’ve already visited this picturesque country and were swept away by the natural beauty, friendly locals, multitude of activities to partake in and… affordable real estate.

Why the Heck Would You Want to Live in Honduras?!Apr 19, 2013 | Why the Heck Would You Want to Live in Honduras?! So you’ve been saving your hard-earned pennies to give yourself a decent retirement… or maybe you’re sick of the rat-race and figure the majority of your business is done on-line anyway, why not do it somewhere with an affordable view…

The Simple Life in HondurasApr 08, 2013 | The Simple Life in Honduras “I’ll have a grande, no fat, decaf, extra hot, half skim, half full milk café mocha please”… if this sounds like you every morning at your favorite coffee stop, you may not be ready for a move to Honduras just yet.

Visa & Residency Information for HondurasMar 22, 2013 | Visa & Residency Information for Honduras If Honduras is on your ‘hit list’ as a possible second home or retirement destination, you are no doubt curious about what is involved with being a legitimate resident.

Going Bananas in Trujillo Honduras!Feb 21, 2013 | Going Bananas in Trujillo Honduras! We’re very excited to have the opportunity to share an incredible investment opportunity in Honduras with all of our readers…

Discover Trujillo HondurasFeb 01, 2013 | Discover Trujillo Honduras Do you dream of living on a private beach in a faraway land? Waking up to the sound of waves crashing over powder-white sand, the lazy sun rising from the horizon summoning you to kick off your shoes and stroll along an endless beach?

Trujillo Honduras - A History BuffJan 23, 2013 | Trujillo Honduras - A History Buff's Mecca! You may already know about Honduras for its miles and miles of pristine Caribbean coastline, or for the popular Bay Islands just off the mainland. Or perhaps you've been researching the Maya civilization and are familiar with the historic ruins of Copan.

Mainland Beach Life in HondurasJan 17, 2013 | Mainland Beach Life in Honduras If you live in the northern hemisphere, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with cold temperatures – some of you seeing well below the 0° mark. It’s the middle of January, and you’re shoveling snow, scraping car windows and doing everything you can to stay warm.

Honduras - Important FactsDec 10, 2012 | Honduras - Important Facts Geographically, Honduras is located in the heart of Central America and with approximately 112, 500 square kilometers, is the second largest country in the Central American Republic.

Activities Abound in HondurasDec 10, 2012 | Activities Abound in Honduras Honduras offers an incredibly diverse array of activities for visitors or residents to enjoy, from the most vigorous to the extremely relaxing.

Is Retiring in Honduras a Realistic Option?Dec 07, 2012 | Is Retiring in Honduras a Realistic Option? What comes to mind when you think of retirement? Enjoying a hobby? Volunteering? Or maybe it's simply kicking back and enjoying not having an agenda. Or maybe it's all of these!

Considering a Real Estate Investment in Honduras?Dec 07, 2012 | Considering a Real Estate Investment in Honduras? When you're considering a long-term move to a foreign country, Honduras may not be at the top of your list.

Why Honduras?Dec 05, 2012 | Why Honduras? It's easy to understand why Honduras makes you believe you may be dreaming. The clear, gleaming Caribbean, gentle waves lapping at white sand beaches and fresh, salty air tempting you dip your toes in the warm water.

Health Care in HondurasDec 03, 2012 | Health Care in Honduras Are you considering a vacation or perhaps a long-term stay in Honduras? You may wonder what that means for your personal healthcare.

Honduras - The Middle Child of Central AmericaNov 30, 2012 | Honduras - The Middle Child of Central America Ok, so maybe not all middle children feel neglected… but it's a euphemism that seems to fit well when speaking of Honduras.

Weather in HondurasNov 29, 2012 | Weather in Honduras The weather in Honduras is similar to that of other Central American countries, it changes based on where in the country you are.

Beaches In HondurasNov 28, 2012 | Beaches In Honduras With over 400 miles of Caribbean coastline, it’s not hard to find a beach in Honduras that will fill everyone’s dreams and desires.

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