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WI Ecuador Articles

Properties Along EcuadorFeb 21, 2014 | Properties Along Ecuador's Coast Set to 'Take Off' It wasn’t too long ago that heading to the beach from Ecuador’s capital city, Quito - or really anywhere in the central valley – meant hours of driving just to reach the coast, and then navigating some pretty rough terrain to reach one of the few cities speckled along the Pacific.

What I Hate About Living on EcuadorFeb 07, 2014 | What I Hate About Living on Ecuador's Coast... Ecuador continues to top the ‘Retire Abroad’ lists, and it’s not without merit. Beautiful landscapes, friendly people, a stable government with improving the country’s infrastructure top of mind;

Get Outta Dodge! To Save Your Life...Jan 17, 2014 | Get Outta Dodge! To Save Your Life... Ecuador has a lot going for it when it comes to affordable retirement options abroad; spectacular weather (ranging from hot and humid to perma spring-like), friendly inhabitants, inexpensive real estate and locally grown fresh fruit and veggies…

Living on EcuadorDec 13, 2013 | Living on Ecuador's Coast is Not Without Risk If you haven’t visited Ecuador’s coast yet, well, first of all… what are you waiting for?! Ok, maybe you’re just starting your research; we’ll let you off the hook for now. But seriously, Ecuador’s coast is a hot market right now.

INov 29, 2013 | I'm Not 'Lucky' to be Living in Ecuador Ecuador is continually being hailed as a front-runner to live or retire in. Colonial cities, a stunning coast and cheap real estate… you’re familiar with these claims, right?

Ecuador... a Nov 19, 2013 | Ecuador... a 'Whistleblower' Refuge? Ecuador is a country that seemingly has it all… majestic mountains, lush valleys, endless beaches, colonial cities and… a government that offers asylum to those seeking/needing it.

The DoNov 01, 2013 | The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Property in Ecuador Misty ocean air, endless beaches, daily sunsets that seem to get more beautiful every day and beachfront living that won’t empty your wallet… sound too good to be true?

Reinvent Retirement on EcuadorOct 18, 2013 | Reinvent Retirement on Ecuador's Coast Retirement is a word that many feel has gone the way of the dodo bird. Unattainable, unseeable… extinct.

Living on EcuadorSep 30, 2013 | Living on Ecuador's Coast - Paradise or Sacrifice? It really doesn’t matter where you currently live… there are likely aspects of your town/city/state/province/country that you could do without. Perhaps those aspects are the reason you’re even considering a move abroad in the first place!

Alternative Healthcare in EcuadorSep 18, 2013 | Alternative Healthcare in Ecuador Medical tourism in is a trend that’s been gradually growing in popularity throughout Latin America… especially as these countries improve their medical infrastructure and become more popular for foreigners.

Ecuador as a Top Expat and Retirement Destination? Here are a Few Reasons Why...Sep 09, 2013 | Ecuador as a Top Expat and Retirement Destination? Here are a Few Reasons Why... If you’re considering a move abroad, but haven’t nailed down exactly where you want to go, chances are you’re familiar with Ecuador being among the top ranked destinations (go HERE to discover Ecuador’s south pacific coast).

Why Ecuador May Not be For You...Aug 30, 2013 | Why Ecuador May Not be For You... No matter where you look these days, if you’re considering a property purchase abroad, Ecuador will pop up as the ‘ideal’ retirement destination.

Some Points to Keep in Mind When Buying Property in EcuadorAug 16, 2013 | Some Points to Keep in Mind When Buying Property in Ecuador So you’ve made the decision to purchase a vacation home with plans to one day retire in said vacation home. And, with all the buzz around Ecuador’s (affordable) rise into the ‘retire abroad’ game, you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon!

Choosing the American Dream... on EcuadorAug 14, 2013 | Choosing the American Dream... on Ecuador's Coast Every year thousands of people from around the world move their lives and families to North America to live and provide a better life then they had, or can give their children, in their native land.

Coastal Ecuador - The Lowdown on the Low PricesAug 02, 2013 | Coastal Ecuador - The Lowdown on the Low Prices Ecuador has a lot going for it… friendly people, stunning colonial cities, a multitude of microclimates from the hot and sticky Amazon rainforest to the snowcapped tops of the Andes mountain range, rich cultural tradition and amazingly affordable beachfront property.

Infrastructure in Ecuador - A Sign of a Healthy EconomyJul 23, 2013 | Infrastructure in Ecuador - A Sign of a Healthy Economy What do you look for when you’re considering a retirement or vacation home? Warm climate? Most likely… Affordability? No doubt… Proximity to ‘home’? Possibly…

Is Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck Really Jul 15, 2013 | Is Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck Really 'Living'? You’re likely familiar with the realization that, ‘the more money you make, the more you spend’, right? Or perhaps you’re not only familiar with it; you’re actually living it… how does that happen?

Retire in Ecuador? You May Want to ReconsiderJul 08, 2013 | Retire in Ecuador? You May Want to Reconsider It’s easy to get excited about the prospect of moving abroad. Especially if it’s to a country that doesn’t see snow, ice or temperatures below zero degrees!

Residency Options in EcuadorJun 24, 2013 | Residency Options in Ecuador Whether you already live in Ecuador or are still in the consideration/planning phase, taking into account whether or not to become an ‘official resident’ is no doubt one aspect weighing on your mind.

Easy Entrepreneurship in Ecuador!Jun 19, 2013 | Easy Entrepreneurship in Ecuador! There are no rules when it comes moving abroad. Escaping your home country for several months, several years or forever needn’t be reserved for retirees only.

EcuadorJun 17, 2013 | Ecuador's Coast is a Buy Now - Prices are Already Going Up! It’s only been a few years, but what a difference development makes on a coast such as Ecuador’s… and there are still areas that seem completely forgotten by civilization.

A First-Class Location with First-Class Views... Without First-Class Pricing!Jun 14, 2013 | A First-Class Location with First-Class Views... Without First-Class Pricing! When you first arrive to Ecuador’s south Pacific coast, you may be surprised to find near-deserted beaches… After all, with endless spans of wide, golden sand flanked by crashing waves and lush rolling hills and mountains, you’d think this coastal area of Ecuador would be packed with locals and tourists alike, right?

Discover EcuadorJun 12, 2013 | Discover Ecuador's South Pacific Coast... Glistening ocean waters, impressive rock bluffs that morph into beaches seeming to go on forever and lively cities and villages dotting the coastline… oh, and incredibly affordable real estate!

Why Consider Buying Beachfront in Ecuador?May 15, 2013 | Why Consider Buying Beachfront in Ecuador? Well, for goodness sake, why not?! Okay, so maybe Ecuador isn’t on your radar for possible vacation or retirement homes… it’s also possible that you didn’t even know that Ecuador is or could be a vacation or retirement destination!

Salinas, Ecuador - Escape From RealityMay 08, 2013 | Salinas, Ecuador - Escape From Reality You may wonder… ‘What’s so great about Salinas, Ecuador?’ Endless beaches (both quiet and lively), shopping, restaurants, hotels and condos… sounds like a coastal city in California or Florida, right?

Moving to Ecuador... Beachside or Mountainside?May 01, 2013 | Moving to Ecuador... Beachside or Mountainside? Warm days and cool evenings or crashing waves and the fresh Pacific air… you likely won’t get much sympathy from your friends if you ask their opinion of your conundrum!

Big Savings for Retirees in EcuadorApr 09, 2013 | Big Savings for Retirees in Ecuador Choosing to ‘finally’ retire is a pretty monumental life decision for most people. If you don’t have the luxury of retiring with a corporate pension plan and are relying on a government-paid plan, it’s that much more monumental, if not a bit scary.

Exploring Ecuador - No Shortage of Activities!Apr 04, 2013 | Exploring Ecuador - No Shortage of Activities! As far as landscape diversity goes, Ecuador has things pretty well handled. Sun-drenched beaches, verdant Amazon jungle and snow-tipped mountains are all wrapped up in a nice, compact country, ready for you to unwrap and explore.

Ecuador as a Retirement Destination - Pros & ConsApr 02, 2013 | Ecuador as a Retirement Destination - Pros & Cons For the past decade, Ecuador has shown North American retirees many pros and cons. Escaping to this Latin American country is a good way to extend your dollars further then you could back home, and the pros extensively outweigh the cons.

Why Consider Ecuador?Mar 28, 2013 | Why Consider Ecuador? With so many amazing destinations for a second home or retirement destination, you may be thinking, “why Ecuador?” Well, aside from incredibly affordable properties, its got geographical diversity hard to find in other areas of Latin America.

Ready to Escape? Ecuador is Worth a LookMar 26, 2013 | Ready to Escape? Ecuador is Worth a Look You’ve heard it before… talk around the water cooler about how stressed your fellow co-workers are, how they can’t seem to get ahead, how they’re sick of traffic, bills, the winter that doesn’t seem to end…

Buying a Home in Ecuador - So Many Options...Mar 25, 2013 | Buying a Home in Ecuador - So Many Options... With soaring snow-capped mountains, dense, humid Amazon jungle, the spring-like central valley and over 2000 km’s of vast, sandy beaches, how could a person even begin to make a decision on where the ‘perfect’ location is!

Climate and Weather in EcuadorMar 20, 2013 | Climate and Weather in Ecuador Similar to many other countries in Latin America, the climate and weather in Ecuador is largely determined by where you are in the country.

The Beaches of EcuadorMar 18, 2013 | The Beaches of Ecuador Ecuador is located in the north end of South America between Peru and Columbia, but is considered to be part of Latin America.

Ecuador as a Retirement Option? Yes!Mar 15, 2013 | Ecuador as a Retirement Option? Yes! As spring takes its time bringing sunshine and warm temperatures to the northern US and Canada, it’s easy for many people to daydream about living somewhere that this wait doesn’t exist…

Healthcare in EcuadorMar 12, 2013 | Healthcare in Ecuador When you're considering a retirement or vacation home in a foreign country, healthcare may not be the first thing on your checklist; especially if you only plan to spend a few months of the year there and are currently in excellent health.

Tax Obligations in EcuadorMar 08, 2013 | Tax Obligations in Ecuador When you start the process of moving your life to another part of the world, there are just so many other exciting aspects to think about and prepare for then the tax situation in your new home.

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