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"Roatan, a beautiful and tropical island of Honduras, is known for having the world's 2nd largest coral reef."
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What Are Discovery Weekends?

Has it ever crossed your mind to live in another country? What about retiring in paradise? Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica – such exotic locations! Where International is here to help you discover that exotic and expensive do not have to be synonymous. We can help you find your own personal paradise, within your budget.

But I know what you’re thinking… pictures are lovely, but what does the sun FEEL like on my skin? How does the deep, blue ocean SMELL as it’s crashing against the long, smooth beaches? What does a fresh picked mango, juices dripping down your chin, TASTE like? Can you really HEAR the howler monkeys and scarlet macaws right in your back yard? A Discovery Weekend will bring your senses to life!

Experiencing a country for yourself is essential, especially when considering such a significant step towards your current or future well-being. No hard sales, no pressure, no strings – just a relaxing and educational trip to a destination of your choice.

A Discovery Weekend is a chance for you to visit a country and enjoy a short, tropical vacation in exchange for allowing the developer to show you around their property or development that they’re building. In addition, the developer will significantly discount your Discovery Weekend or even, sometimes, offer it for free.

For more details, choose a destination below that you would like to discover more of. You will receive valuable details about purchasing property as well as an opportunity to get a taste-test of what your future, exotic life holds. 

Live in paradise, discover your senses!


Janet Choles
Contributing Author


Discovery Weekend: Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

This area of Costa Rica is a haven of lush, wildlife filled rainforest and vast expanses of coastline offering infinite stretches of beaches with dramatic scenery. Small villages, all with their own distinct charm, dot the landscape and offer an eclectic mix of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

The Nicoya Peninsula is one of the few ‘Blue Zones’ found in the world, where people live full, active, quality lives into and past 100 years. 
Prices for land in this part of Costa Rica is still very affordable. Discover it for yourself before everyone else does... Read More

Discovery Weekend: Trujillo, Honduras  

Tucked in along the Caribbean coast, Honduras’ mainland is often overshadowed by its popular Bay Islands. But no more! Come and experience the beautiful beaches, crystalline waters and lush jungle that the Honduras mainland displays with ease.

Trujillo sits in a quiet, picturesque bay that isn’t yet overwhelmed by mega resorts. This will change as the first cruise-ship terminal in the area is currently being built.

Take advantage of buying in Trujillo now, before the boom… Read More


Discovery Weekend: Belize

Do you dream of crystal clear water? Of powder-white sand? What about the thought of never having to shovel snow again? We can show you how all of these dreams can become a reality! And all without having to learn a new language... impossible? Not if you live in Belize.

This incredible country epitomizes Caribbean living and is a friendly and welcoming location for expats from all over the world.

You can buy your dream property in Belize for less then you thought possible... Read More

Discovery Weekend: Southern Zone, Costa Rica

This part of Costa Rica is home to soaring mountains that plunge down to endless stretches of unspoiled beaches and wild forests filled with exotic wildlife.

Thanks in part to well established expat communities in the Southern Zone, it’s possible to live in this area of Costa Rica without feeling like you’re missing out the amenities that more developed areas can offer.

Unbelievably, the property is still incredibly affordable here. Discover it for yourself… Read More


Discovery Weekend: South Pacific, Ecuador

Ecuador's South Pacific Coast has something for everyone... vibrant nightlife, quiet, serene beaches, excellent shopping and of course - affordable real estate!

More and more expats are discovering this beautiful country and falling in love with it's beautiful weather, friendly locals, culturally rich colonial cities and endless beaches. 

Don't be left out of the loop! Discover Ecuador while property prices are still unbelievably low... Read More

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Where International exists to recommend a variety of International real estate options. Where International requires developers to meet stringent criteria before offering them to you. Conversely, any inspections we conduct on projects or individuals should not be misinterpreted as a guarantee by Where International. International real estate is not immune to the ups and downs that occur in North American real estate; property values are never guaranteed to increase.

Where International is not accountable for the orchestration or deliverance of Discovery Weekends. We provide them to you on behalf of our developer partners. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance, as you would with any trip out of your home country. In addition, we advise you complete your own due diligence, purchase title insurance and always use a local attorney to assist with all transactions. In the event that a reader purchases a property from a recommended developer, Where International receives a sum from the developer.