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"Dia del Nino, or Children's Day, is celebrated on September 10th in Honduras. "
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Discover Ecuador's South Pacific Coast... "ECUADOR'S MARKET WILL BE ON FIRE!!"


By now you’ve heard how HOT Ecuador’s market is… but what you haven’t heard about are the properties in this area! Small-town living with easy access to city centers, ocean and sunset views that will take your breath away and… real estate prices so low you might think we made a mistake!!

CONTACT US for more information on this area, or better yet, schedule a DISCOVERY WEEKEND! Prices are literally rising every month as inventory is being sold!! 

Glistening ocean waters, impressive rock bluffs that morph into beaches seeming to go on forever and lively cities and villages dotting the coastline… oh, and incredibly affordable real estate!

This is Ecuador’s Southern Pacific Coast, and although it’s been off the mainstream radar, that’s starting to change. This area has long been a destination for Ecuadorians, but North Americans and Europeans are quickly realizing it’s potential. As little as 6 years ago, expats were few and far between in this area of Ecuador, but the word of affordable property and turnkey homes and condos - all at unbelievably low prices – has people taking a second look.  

Go HERE to register for the next Discovery Weekend on Ecuador’s Southern Pacific Coast. Your accommodation, food and beverages, airport pick-up/drop-off and transportation in the area are all included, and you’ll have an opportunity to experience this part of Ecuador first-hand. The best part is that there is absolutely no pressure to purchase. This is a chance for you to discover Ecuador’s southern Pacific coast!

Opportunity is Knocking

If you’re in the market for a retirement, investment or vacation home, don’t ignore the potential that Ecuador’s Pacific coast can give to you.

In the early 2000’s, North American’s started realizing the potential in purchasing beach property in Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras. Subsequently, this started a snowball effect, resulting in astronomical property prices in certain areas of these countries.

So far, Ecuador’s coast has been immune to similar waves of North American investors. This has left it significantly undervalued and overlooked, making it some of the most affordable Pacific Coastline available.

In all fairness, it’s not Ecuador’s fault that its coastline hasn’t seen the same boom as it’s northern neighbors. With rugged and unmaintained infrastructure, it made reaching the coast a difficult feat, especially in the northern areas of the country.

But today, the southern Pacific coast is a developed, lively and stunningly beautiful stretch of gold-tinted sand, quaint fishing villages and coastal cities. Plus, it’s easy to get to… a 90-minute drive, on a smooth-paved highway, from Guayaquil’s International airport will have you sinking your toes into the warm sand tout suite.

North Americans are slowly recognizing the potential this area of Ecuador has to offer. Not only can they enjoy a laid-back retirement or vacation, but they can cut their cost of living significantly, enjoy fresh fish and produce and get incredible bang for their buck on real estate.

Discover What You’re Missing

Ecuador’s south Pacific coast – from the bustling city of Salinas to the port city of Manta and everywhere in between – is home to a variety of beach, surf and fishing towns. This stretch of the coast is quintessentially rural, beachfront Ecuador. With towns ranging from a few hundred to 1500 in population, there is a sense of community and openness that you don’t get in the bigger cities. Of course, during the ‘summer’ months (December to May) these numbers grow significantly. You see, this area of Ecuador has always been a very popular weekend or vacation get-away for Ecuadorians. They chill on the beach all day and in the evening, enjoy the diverse mix of restaurants and bars featuring live music and an eclectic ambiance.

The real appeal of this area is not having to deal with the flurry of a big city on a daily basis. That being said, the option of being within an hours drive or bus ride of an urban center, and associated activities and services, adds to the appeal of settling in a relaxed, quiet beach town.  

Particularly nice about this entire stretch of Ecuador’s coast, is that you don’t have to give up what you’re already accustomed to… supermarkets, hardware stores, banks, watching live music and of course browsing the various artisan vendors and fruit, veggie and seafood markets. It’s hard to believe that an area this rich in amenities is still able to offer such affordable real estate. Well, believe it… our developer partner has beautiful turn-key homes for under $100,000, breath-taking ocean and sunset view condos for under $140,000 or pre-construction properties for under $60,000. You can live a very comfortable life on Ecuador’s south Pacific coast for $1500 a month.

Give the South Pacific Coast a Spin

It’s not hard to see why this area of Ecuador is worth discovering for a retirement or vacation home. Or perhaps you’re looking for an investment property! No matter what you’re looking for, Ecuador may just fit the bill.

Sign up HERE to register for the next Discovery Weekend. Your accommodation, food and beverages, airport pick-up/drop-off and transportation in the area are all included, and you’ll have an opportunity to experience the Southern Pacific Coast area first-hand. The best part is that there is absolutely no pressure to purchase. This is a chance for you to discover Ecuador’s southern Pacific coast!

Discovery Weekend
South Pacific Coast, Ecuador

- Includes 3 days/2 nights accommodation, food and beverages, airport pick-up/drop-off in Guayaquil and transportation in the Salinas area.
- You will receive a property tour of homes and property including: turn-key homes, homes under construction and vacant property.
- You will have the opportunity to explore the beaches and the surrounding neighborhoods.
- No high-pressure sales, no commitment, only an opportunity to discover your new playground!

Note: any feedback, either positive or negative, on your Discovery Weekend experience should be directed to


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