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"Costa Rica does not have an army, the constitution prohibits it! Just local police are present."
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Discover Costa Rica's Southern Zone

Six or seven years ago, you would have been hard-pressed to find someone to take you to Costa Rica’s Southern Zone in the South Pacific. The roads, hardly more then glorified paths, were nearly impassible thanks to crater-size potholes, cavernous ruts and the need for cat-like reflexes to avoid other cars that appear out of plumes of dust. In spite of this, it was then and still is a destination worth getting to.

Thankfully, these days it’s much easier to reach the Southern Zone by both car and plane. Although the government is rumored to be adding an International airport, current air travel into the Southern Zone is restricted to small, local airstrips. The new coastal highway, however, has improved the drive leaps and bounds over what it used to be. Opened in January 2010, it now takes just over a mere 3 hours on new, smooth pavement to get from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, to the Southern Zone – a far cry from the 8 hours it used to take.

Sign up now to reserve your spot on our next Discovery Weekend. The cost to you is only $299.00 for 3 nights/4 days and all you have to do is get yourself to San Jose airport, the Pacific Properties team will take care of everything else! Your accommodation, food and beverage and airport pick-up/drop-off are all included in this price and you’ll have a chance to experience the Southern Zone first-hand. And best part? There's absolutely no pressure to buy. This is simply an opportunity for you to discover Costa Rica's Southern Zone!

Amenities In The Southern Zone

The topography in this part of Costa Rica is some of the most exhilarating in the country. Soaring mountains plunge down to endless stretches of sandy beach and wild forests filled with the sounds of various monkeys and birds. In addition to vast beaches and towering mountains, there are several waterfalls to swim in, an abundance of nature preserves, hiking trails and parks to visit. There is no shortage of tour operators offering sport fishing, horseback riding, snorkeling and scuba diving, bird-watching tours, hang gliding, zip lining, ATV tours, coastal excursions and a variety of other activities to keep you busy.

And there is certainly no shortage of gourmet fare to whet your appetite! With the introduction of property development comes food and drink available to anyone visiting or living in this stunning area of Costa Rica. There are almost 40 restaurants and bars as well as 11 hotels. You can find everything from French, Italian and Indonesian restaurants, coffee shops, well-stocked delis, produce markets, pizzerias and plenty of fresh seafood options.

There’s also a huge – 85,000 sqft – modern hospital that was built in the spring of 2008. At the time it may have seemed excessive, but as this area grows, it will come in handy. Especially with the rumors of a new International airport… 

Why It’s Worth Discovering

Still moderately untouched, Costa Rica’s South Pacific is a mecca for those looking to vacation or live in an area almost unaffected by tourism. You won’t find big, fancy resorts or a ton of tourist-oriented activities on this part of the coast. Instead, small boutique hotels and chic Bed & Breakfasts litter the coastal towns of the South Pacific.

Our developer partner, Patrick, of Pacific Properties, has been in this area of Costa Rica for two decades and the hard work of his team has paid off. There are there a variety of friendly, established expat communities, and this diverse group of people have really set roots for themselves, their families and those visiting the area.

The Developer’s Team

The team in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone consists of a diverse group of professionals, from lawyers and architects to builders and client services; ensuring a comprehensive experience from the moment you arrive in the area. 

Marcel is an integral part of this team and the face of the developer at Pacific Properties. He has been in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone for the past 8 years after travelling extensively and has simply fallen in love with this area of the country.

Patrick now lives in the Southern Zone full time and has played an essential roll in selling over 200 homes and properties. Lots in Pacific Properties are available for between $40,000 and $90,000, depending on whether you prefer a mountain or ocean view. There are also options to purchase land+home deals or turnkey homes.

Marcel will be your main contact throughout your Discovery Weekend. Not only will he welcome you to the Southern Zone, he will show you the existing homes, properties and the surrounding area. You will also be introduced to the other team members… builders, guesthouse staff and trades people, just to name a few.

Go HERE to learn more about Marcel and the Developers team

Extravagance You Can Afford

The Southern Zone may be a bit off the beaten path, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without! As we mentioned earlier, Pacific Properties has been in this area of Costa Rica for over 20 years and has set up reliable, trust-worthy developments and communities in the coastal towns of Ojochal, Tres Rios and Chontales.

Because the developers at Pacific Properties have been in the Southern Zone for so long, they have owned the land for many years. This, combined with the fact that it’s an area of Costa Rica not on people’s primary radar, makes for very affordable property! This also means that you have a variety of options – pre-construction, turn-key or one of their home & land options.

You might find it hard to believe, but you can still buy a lot with spectacular mountain views in this part of Costa Rica for only $40,000. Dreaming of an ocean view? For only $120,000 you can make that dream come true. These lots are in established, gated communities where there are already over 200 happy expats either living or having their dream home built.

The communities are fully serviced with water, roads, satellite TV, electricity, Internet and a modern communication system. And when you’re ready to build, you can have your custom home built for $100 a square foot.

Discover The Southern Zone

It’s pretty easy to see why you should consider Costa Rica’s Southern Zone if you’re thinking of a retirement or vacation home. We want to give you the chance to experience it for yourself!

Sign up now to reserve your spot on our next Discovery Weekend. The cost to you is only $299.00 for 3 nights/ 4 days and all you have to do is get yourself to San Jose airport, Marcel’s team will take care of everything else! Your accommodation, food and beverage and airport pick-up/drop-off are all included in this price and you’ll have a chance to experience the Southern Zone first-hand. And the best part? There’s absolutely no pressure to buy. This is simply an opportunity for you to discover Costa Rica’s southern zone!

Discovery Weekend – $299 per person
Southern Zone, Costa Rica

- Includes 4 days/3 nights accommodation, food and beverages, airport pick-up/drop-off in San Jose and transportation within the Southern Zone
- You will receive a full tour of the development including: existing homes, homes under construction, available lots and turnkey homes
- You will have the opportunity to meet the developer team in addition to local towns and surrounding neighborhoods
- You will deal directly with the developer during your time in the Southern Zone
- No high-pressure sales, no commitment, only an opportunity to discover paradise!

Note: any feedback, either positive or negative, on your Discovery Weekend experience should be directed to

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