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Discover Costa Rica's Southern Nicoya Peninsula

Costa Rica’s southern Nicoya Peninsula is an area that is in high demand for those looking for lush, wildlife filled rainforest matched with quaint towns and the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. In addition, this area of Costa Rica is classified as a ‘Blue Zone’, meaning that people here live to be 100 years old! And that’s not just living until they turn 100, it means they live healthy, active, quality lives right up until their final days.

This area is also in high demand because if you’re looking to spend any length of time, or even live permanently, in Costa Rica, it’s still affordable and free of large amounts of tourists and spring-break crowds – without compromising on necessities, luxuries and activities.

Sign up now to reserve your spot on our next Discovery Weekend. The cost to you is only $299.00 per person for 4 days/3 nights and all you have to do is get yourself to San Jose airport, the developers team will take care of everything else! Your accommodation, food and beverages, airport pick-up/drop-off and transportation in the area are included in this price and you’ll have a chance to experience the Playa Tambor area first-hand. And you don't ever have to worry about sales pressure... this is an opportunity for you to discover Playa Tambor and the Southern Nicoya Peninsula!

The Best of Both Worlds

It’s hard to please everyone, right? Well, the southern Nicoya Peninsula may have this market cornered. Granted, you won’t find any towering skyscrapers or “big box” type shopping facilities, but you can find everything from secluded beaches and waterfalls to active nightlife and markets selling anything you could possibly need. And, if you want to let someone else do the cooking, there is no scarcity of restaurants. Fresh seafood, traditional Costa Rican fare, wood-fired pizza (some of the best you’ve ever had, guaranteed!) and everything in between, including a variety of “gringo-friendly” options.

A short jaunt on a boat (frequent tours are easy to book onto) gets you to Isla Tortuga, an Island located just outside of the Bahia Ballena that boasts turquoise water, white-sand beaches and some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in all of Costa Rica.

Playa Tambor is tucked right in the middle of the Bahia Ballena in the southern Nicoya Peninsula. It’s succeeded in maintaining a relaxed, laid-back feel despite the various developments happening in the area. This is a huge attraction for those looking to live in an area that still clutches onto that relaxed vibe, but can offer the modern comforts of a metropolitan area.

The Developer’s Team

The onsite team in Playa Tambor consists of a diverse group of professionals, from lawyers to architects and builders to client services; to ensure a comprehensive experience from the moment you arrive in the area.

Not only will you be put up in a private room of the intimate and tropical guesthouse, but you will be doted on throughout your stay. Incredible meals, welcoming Costa Rican hospitality and personalized tours of not only the towns and points of interest, but also the stunning community that you can look forward to becoming a part of.

Although we will coordinate your visit, the onsite team will be your main contacts throughout your Discovery Weekend. Not only will they welcome you to Playa Tambor, they will show you the homes and properties as well as the area. You will also be introduced to other members of the team… the builder, guesthouse staff, architects and trades people, to name a few.

Learn more about the developer's team here

Indulgences You Don’t Have to Live Without

We’ve already told you that the area in and around Playa Tambor has restaurants to please every palate and there are beaches and shopping areas aplenty. In addition, if you’re into golf, tennis, sport fishing or yoga, you won’t be expected to leave these hobbies back home. The Playa Tambor area can accommodate all of your pastimes with ease.

It may seem hard to believe, but because the developer has owned the land for several years, prices on building lots are still low in this part of Costa Rica. Walk to the beach, walk onto the golf course to play a round or challange a new friend to a game of tennis; with a multitude of amenities on your doorstep, you won't need to go far to have a fulfilling day!

The community is fully serviced with water, roads, satellite TV, electricity, Internet and a modern communication system; ensuring you don't need to go without the necessities and comforts of home you're used to.

Getting There

The only airstrip in the southern Nicoya Peninsula is located right next to Playa Tambor and the development project. Sansa Air flies several times daily from San Jose’s International Airport right to Playa Tambor. Alternatively, you can drive to Puntarenas, just under two hours from San Jose, and then take a ferry across to Tambor. If you’re looking for a more exploratory route, you can both rent a car or a driver and drive from the airport to Playa Tambor. This will take a few hours, but it’s a wonderful way to see part of Costa Rica up close and personal.

There’s no guesswork when you book a Discovery Weekend though. Simply get yourself to San Jose’s airport and the onsite team in Playa Tambor will take care of everything else.

Discover The Nicoya Peninsula

You can see now why this area of Costa Rica is worth visiting and considering for your second home or retirement destination. And we’d love to give you the opportunity to experience it first hand!

Sign up now and reserve your spot on our next Discovery Weekend. The cost to you is only $299.00 per person for 4 days/3 nights and all you have to do is get yourself to San Jose airport, the onsite team will take care of everything else! Your accommodation, food and beverages, airport pick-up/drop-off and transportation in the area are included in this price and you’ll have a chance to experience the Playa Tambor area first-hand.

Go HERE now to reserve your Discovery Weekend!

Discovery Weekend – $299 per person
Playa Tambor, Costa Rica

- Includes 4 days/3 nights accommodation, food and beverages, airport pick-up/drop-off in San Jose and transportation in the Playa Tambor area.
- You will receive a full tour of the development including: existing homes, homes under construction, available lots and turnkey homes

- You will have the opportunity to meet the onsite lawyer, architect, builder, your future neighbors and explore the town of Tambor and surrounding neighborhoods

- You will deal directly with the developer during your time in Playa Tambor

- No high-pressure sales, no commitment, only an opportunity to discover paradise!

Note: any feedback, either positive or negative, on your Discovery Weekend experience should be directed to

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