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"Belize houses the only Jaguar preserve in the world."
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A Beginner Lesson on International Taxes

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About Where International

Thank you so much for visiting Where International... [MORE]

A Fresh Start in Latin America May be Just What you Need...

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Are You Confusing Settling Down with Settling?

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Avoiding Common Mistakes When Purchasing Property in Latin America

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Avoid Paying 'Foreigner' Pricing

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Building Your Dream Home in Paradise

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Common Challenges Expat Women Face in Latin America

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Discover Costa Rica's Southern Nicoya Peninsula

Costa Rica’s southern Nicoya Peninsula is ... [MORE]

Discover Costa Rica's Southern Zone

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Ensuring Success When Buying Pre-Construction

It’s the perfect location! Oceans views&hell... [MORE]

Expats and Religion in Latin America

No matter what part of the world you live in, what... [MORE]

Fire Your Boss! And Become Your Own in Costa Rica

Fire Your Boss! And Become Your Own in Costa Rica

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Health Insurance Options for Expats in Latin America

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Is Buying Pre Construction a Good Idea?

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Is Fractional Ownership a Good Investment

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Live to Work? Nope... Love to Work; in Trujillo Honduras

Live to Work? Nope... Love to Work; in Trujillo Honduras

Ooohhmm… it’s 6:00am on a Tuesday morning and I’m sitting on my yoga mat in my makeshift ‘st... Read More

Living in Latin America - Like a Local or Like a Foreigner?

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Make Your Vacation Home Earn it's Keep!

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Making Sure Your View Remains YOUR View

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Mistakes to Avoid When Starting or Buying a Business in Paradise

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More Information on How to Work Abroad

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Moving Your Pets Abroad

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Packing for Your Life Abroad

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Property Developer & Builder Research

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Pros and Cons of Renting Your Vacation Home

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Protecting Your Future Lifestyle

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Purchasing Property Abroad? Know What You're Buying!

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Renting Your Retirement/Vacation Home

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Re-Sale Home or Pre-Construction Property?

You’ve made the decision to begin looking at... [MORE]

Residency in Costa Rica? Read This First!

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Retirement Realities for Gen X and Y's

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Single? Why a Move Abroad is Still a Good Idea!

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Spend Money to Save Money - Hire an Attorney

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The Lost Art of Retiring

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To Work, or Not to Work; Redefining Retirement in Costa Rica...

To Work, or Not to Work; Redefining Retirement in Costa Rica...

‘The times, they are a’changin…’ Actually, scratch that… ‘The times, they have a’c... Read More

What's Your Real Estate Profile?

It can be very exciting and alluring to purchase I... [MORE]

What to Know Before you Buy - 5 Key Points

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Why a Gated Community Might be Right For You

Gated communities come with a certain ‘stigm... [MORE]

Why Should You Retire in Latin America?

After a long, cold, snowy winter for those living ... [MORE]

Current Topics

We’re taught from an early age to accept that we can’t have everything we want… that we have to share or compromise. Thankfully, now that you’re an adult, and you’re considering a property purchase abroad, these ‘rules’ don’t apply.
All your ducks are in a row… you bought a corner lot, with spectacular ocean views in a private community.
We frequently refer to Costa Rica’s southern Nicoya Peninsula as a ‘hidden gem’. Naturally, those already owning and/or living in this tropical oasis would prefer it stays that way…

Where International exists to recommend a variety of International real estate options. Where International requires developers to meet stringent criteria before offering them to you. Conversely, any inspections we conduct on projects or individuals should not be misinterpreted as a guarantee by Where International. International real estate is not immune to the ups and downs that occur in North American real estate; property values are never guaranteed to increase.

Where International is not accountable for the orchestration or deliverance of Discovery Weekends. We provide them to you on behalf of our developer partners. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance, as you would with any trip out of your home country. In addition, we advise you complete your own due diligence, purchase title insurance and always use a local attorney to assist with all transactions. In the event that a reader purchases a property from a recommended developer, Where International receives a sum from the developer.